Weekly Updates !! 12/29/2019

  1. Jan 5th (Sun) - Team Practice for both teams Resume please visit the website and look at the calendar for times & location.

  2. Jan 11th - Trash bag money due for Jackets

  3. Jan 25th - First Competition! (please read below for details)

  4. Feb 1st: Team Pictures > more info to come!

Please make sure you click on each link provided and read all information.

BIRTH CERTIFICATE: please bring a copy of your child’s birthday certificate or the original so we can make a copy by Jan 20th ! *New Athletes only


Invoices: We have sent out invoices for the upcoming competition and for any outstanding payments / if you have a balance due please make sure you pay by your due date!

Practices leading up to competition are MANDATORY we are adding Sunday practices leading up to the 25th to make sure we are well prepared. Please Look at the website for dates time and location - https://queenpresenceelite.wixsite.com/queenpresenceelite/calanders

Competition Information - PLEASE READ > Do not ask coaches what time your child will perform - We wont know till the week of.


Live Event Information: PLEASE READ


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