Weekly Updates !! 02/09/2020


  1. Feb 10th - All teams practice

  2. Feb 13th - All teams practice

  3. Feb 15th-16th - JamFest Competition

  4. April - Main Event ~ Banquet (more info to come)



Invoices: We have sent out invoices for the upcoming competition and for any outstanding payments / if you have a balance due please make sure you pay by your due date! We will be sending out individual texts and emails if you have NOT paid!


Practices are MANDATORY- During the week of competition athletes are required to attend practice on that Monday & Thursday. Please view practice schedule for your child’s team. https://queenpresenceelite.wixsite.com/queenpresenceelite

Competition Information:

- Please READ > please do not ask coaches what time your child will perform-We don’t know till the week of.

JamFest <— CLICK HERE for JAMFest information

TheQuest - At this competition they have a chance to receive a bid to Disney World to compete Nation wide. If they happen to get a paid bid we would like the girls to travel and compete in Florida. You would only need to pay travel fees and spending funds.We would do the 3 day package if they happen to win a paid bid. Both teams are registered.

Dates: March (Thur)12th -13th (Sun)

What is an At-Large Bid? An At-Large bid is an invitation to compete at this prestigious event. The costs associated with the event will be the responsibility of the team to pay.

What is a Paid Bid? A Paid Bid is an invitation to compete at this prestigious event with the registration costs & accommodations covered by Varsity Spirit. Each athlete earning a PAID Bid to The Quest will receive a 4 Night Quad Package price as a credit. No credits may be used for family members or for additional tickets. If a team chooses the 3 Night Quad Package, the athlete will receive a 3 Night Quad Package credit. If a PAID Bid team chooses not to stay on property, they will receive the Commuter Package for free.

They would also receive tickets to Disney World as well please read up on this and again this is ONLY if they get a paid bid because it’s so close. We can have a touch point next Thursday as well.

please click on the link > https://www.varsity.com/youth-rec/competitions/the-quest/

TEAM BONDING ? Please comment some ideas for our next event as a whole program and for Royalty!

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