Weekly Updates !! 01/12/2019

  1. Jan 11th - Trash bag money was due today.

  2. Jan 25th - First Competition! (please read below for details)

  3. Feb 1st - Team Pictures: 2-3:30pm


QUICK FYI: The main Calendar will NOT contain practice dates you have to scroll down to the calendar that says Rec Cheer.

BIRTH CERTIFICATE: please bring a copy of your child’s birthday certificate or the original so we can make a copy by Jan 20th ! *New Athletes only

Invoices: We have sent out invoices for the upcoming competition and for any outstanding payments / if you have a balance due please make sure you pay by your due date! Please pay your competition balance in full by Saturday 18th.


Practices leading up to 1st competition are MANDATORY- during the week of competition athletes are requried to attend practice on that Monday & Thursday. Please view practice schedule for your child’s team. https://queenpresenceelite.wixsite.com/queenpresenceelite

Competition Information:

- Please READ > please do not ask coaches what time your child will perform-We don’t know till the week of.



February 1st 2020 | 2pm - 3:30pm

3016 Cherry St

Kansas City, MO 64108, USA

* Athletes must come dressed in full uniform; unifor, bow, white ankle socks, white cheer shoes. Hair must be up in competition ready fro style.

Regal: must have eyeshadow/ glitter with lipstick /glitter (Coaches can apply makeup for a cost of $2 or we can provide picture of what they should look like & child should come ready) *Parents must schedule a time for makeup to be done

Royalty: lipgloss

Online order form: please fill out if you would like to purchase a picture package for your child. *We don’t have numbers so if you can put your child’s name in that spot or a 0.


Whats included in the package?

How do I pay ?

Payment is due at the time of picture we accept CashApp, Paypal and Cash.

Where can I find his work? https://www.dwoodsphoto.com/portfolio/ He also did our team photos last year.

TEAM BONDING ? Please comment some ideas for our next event as a whole program and for Royalty!

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