Trash Bag Fundraiser

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

Dear parents,

We are asking that you and your child sell trash bags to help offset your competition fees cost. These are quality trash bags suitable for your trash needs and yard work. These bags are twice as thick as most store brands and also comes in a variety of colors, plus we offer different sizes and they only cost $10.00.

50-60 Gallon (14 per Roll) - Black

39 Gallon (18 per Roll) - Blue | Purple | Green | Yellow | Pink | Orange | Red

Kitchen Twist Tie (50 per Roll) - Pink | Purple | Blue

Kitchen Draw Tape (35 per Roll) - White

YOU MUST SELL AT LEAST 25 TRASH BAGS - in order for it to apply to your competition fees. The more you sell the less you will have to come out of pocket.

25 (bags) x 4 (profit) = $100

50 (bags) x 4 (profit) = $200

70 (bags) x 4 (profit) = $280

(You get the point, the more you sell the less you pay)

Trash bag sell will start on September 7th, till September 21st.

Turn in money on SEPT 21ST !

Turn around time will be one week which will be Sept. 28th 2019.

Thank you and sell sell sell !

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