Cheer Captain Application

Cheer Captain/ Co Responsibilities

Queen Presence Elite 2019-20 Cheer Constitution

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II. Auditions for Captains:

A. Captains will be:

1.Regal – Captain

2. Regal – Co-Captain

3.Royalty– Captain

B. Candidates will be scored based on their tryout scores, the coach, and team members.

Criteria to be judged will be determined by the coach.

C. There could be ONE spirit captain per squad elected by each squad.

III. Captains’ Responsibilities:

A. A captain is responsible for setting an example for other cheerleaders to follow. The captain should be positive, cooperative, helpful, and dedicated.

B. A captain is responsible for the particular squad of members. The captain is to provide

individual help in learning and perfecting cheers and routines, checking attendance,

inspecting uniforms and equipment, and any additional duties involving the squad and makes sure routines are ready for performances.

C. Captains must be willing to spend extra practice time to organize activities, learn material, and perform additional duties.

D. The coach may remove a captain from the position at any time if the responsibilities and

duties of the position are not being fulfilled. If a captain removal takes place the coach will

determine if the role will be filled.

E. Special duties of the spirit captains, if elected, will be:

1. Arrange gifts for other activities

2. Make thank you notes, cards, sign-up sheets, lists, etc.

3. Plan squad and team parties

4. Help with banquet preparation

5. Help coach with organizational responsibilities

Your child will be asked 4 following questions.

1. What motivates you to apply for the QPE Cheer Captain role?

2. What qualifications do you have to be a Cheer Captain?

3. Describe your leadership style.

4. What leadership positions do you currently hold, or have previously held, that would help you

serve as a Cheer Captain? If you have not held any leadership positions, what experiences

have you had that would help you serve as a Cheer Captain?

5. List three personal goals you have for the 2019-20 cheer year. Explain the steps you will take

to accomplishing each of these three goals.

6. List three goals you have for your 2019-20 cheer squad. Explain the steps you will take to

accomplishing each of these three goals.

7. If you were to be a Cheer Captain, what would you do differently than last year?

8. If you were to be a Cheer Captain, what would you do the same as last year?

9. If you were selected as a Cheer Captain, who would you want your fellow Captain to be?

Explain how you would work as a cohesive pair to lead the squad.

The will also be asked - 2 of the following questions-

Cheer Captain Essay Questions

1. A squad member tells you to shut up, or rolls her eyes at you during a practice.

2. Two squad members get in a fight in front of the team when the coach is not present.

3. A squad member is conducting themselves in an inappropriate manner while in uniform or QPE apparel.

4. Several girls are talking excessively during warm-ups or practice and it is disruptive and

distracting to the rest of the team.

5. The coach makes an unpopular decision that even you disagree with.



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