January 25, 2020

Competition Day information will not be sent out more than a few days prior to the competition.  Final schedules are not sent to us until the Monday prior to any competition.

Please do not ask your team moms or coaches for information prior to this time.


Competition Information

Kansas City Convention Center 

301 West 13th Street  
Kansas City, MO, 64105 US

General Information can be found on the: LIVE Website.

Admission for the weekend is:

$20 Adult

$5  Children’s Pass (ages 5-12).

Active and Retired Military, Seniors (65+) and Children 4 & Under are Free.

Cost for Parking is $7-$10


We will meet down stairs inside as a group before check in at 10:20am. (Please view arrival time for teams below)  This will be the only competition that coaches will do makeup for free after that it's either $5 or athlete must come prepared. Make up is REQUIRED for Level 2 teams.

Cheerleaders must be present for the performances of all QPE Cheer teams. Remember that you would like to have a crowd cheering you on when you perform, so be sure you are doing that for the rest of our gym members! Be sure you are part of the FAMILY and cheer on all our teams!


Regal: Cheer Uniform | Bow | White Ankle Socks | White Cheer Shoes  > Eye shadow  & Lip stick / lip gloss

Royalty: Cheer Uniform | Bow | White Ankle Socks | White Cheer Shoes | Black Spankies > Glitter Cheeks / lip gloss

HAIR: Must be up in the form of a puff, you're able to have designs but must be up. 

Warm-ups on upon arrival, and walking around. 


11: 10 am  -