We are always looking for qualified coaches who are interested in working with young athletes. All of our coaches currently volunteer their time and must pass a background check as well as adhere to the QPE Coaching Philosophy which is listed below. If you are interested, please let us know.

Queen Presence Elite Coaching Philosophy

"A QPE coach is all at once a teacher, a leader, an advisor, a public relations liaison agent, and a professional. In these capacities, the coach has an obligation to the QPE, to the sport she/he coaches, to their athletes, and to her/his fellow coaches.

A coach exercises a profound influence on their athletes during their formative years; therefore, the coach should be an educated and cultured individual with high ideals and firm principles. The coach must be dignified, serious, and even-tempered. The coach must have understanding, patience, and a personality that inspires confidence in those around her/him. The coach must be sincere in relationships with  and staff within the framework of his moral philosophy. The coach does not have to have been an outstanding athlete; however, the coach should be mentally attuned to the sport she/he coaches and must be adaptable.

A QPE coach should be aware of the duties and responsibilities involved in the coaching and teaching of a student-athlete. The coach must have a common sense approach to her/his sport, keeping it in its proper perspective within the fact that school and education always comes before sports. A major requirement for a coach is that she/he be a good teacher and role model, both in and out the sport.

The QPE look to their coaches for organization and leadership. The coach must have sound judgment and the courage and ability to exercise that judgment when the situation warrants it.

A QPE coach must conduct herself/himself ethically at all times. The coach must compete within the rules and within the spirit of the competition, accepting success with humility and failure with grace. The coach must never bring dishonor upon QPE and her/his team.

Regardless of the level an athlete is playing on within the program, excellence is encouraged. Anything less is viewed as a compromise and no apologies are made for pressing athletes to strive to do their very best. Leadership is encouraged and rewarded; leaders become "multipliers" of the values and methods they have been taught."